Grow Together

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Time Frame: April 2020

Tools: Adobe XD, Illustrator

For the Adobe + Nickelodeon Creative Jam, my partner and I were tasked with creating a tablet experience for kids ages 11-13 using Adobe XD that incorporates elements of the Nickelodeon brand and either auto-animate or voice command features in XD. We were commended as one of the Finalist teams after the weekend-long event.


As COVID-19 started to rage around the world and schools sent students home, the challenge asked us to design an Android tablet or Apple iPad app that provides a safe way for kids to communicate, share, and connect with their friends and family and help kids feel safe, informed, and connected in the spirit of #KidsTogether.


Grow Together allows kids to cultivate their own virtual world through building a virtual garden, and through doing so, learn more about COVID-19 prevention, stay active in doors, and communicate with their community by messaging and sharing photos, videos, and creative projects. It also allows parents to monitor kids’ progress and activity, message in family group chat, and control kids’ content.


Through our research, we found some things that kids tend to love and tweaked our designs accordingly.

Kids Love:

We Decided:

Learn through doing

Opportunity to watch educational videos and complete activities with Nickelodeon characters

Surprises and challenges

Daily quizzes about Nickelodeon characters and health tips about keeping the household safe

Feedback and rewards

Earn “seeds” as in-app currency for purchasing plants for the garden; instant response to actions, such as quiz submission

Ease of navigation

Simple navigation consisting of taps and scrolls