We're excited to work together, here are a few tips on what to expect as we get started.

Table of Contents

Accepting the Contract

Once we've agreed to work together, a contract will be sent to you in TurtleOS. You will need to accept the contract to get started. Here is what a contract in TurtleOS looks like:


Refilling Project Budget on Turtle

Now that a contract is set up, please add balance to your account. Using TurtleOS, it's easy to see exactly where time and money goes, and refilling is easy to do at any time. Learn more about refilling budgets here:

How to Refill Budget


Using Workspaces (Tasks & Chat)

A project workspace may be set up for you to collaborate in. You'll be able to chat, manage tasks, see where time and money is going, and more — all in one place. The link below explains a quick overview of how to use workspaces: