Developing a customer loyalty platform for SP Utilities

<aside> đŸ’ŧ My Role UX Designer Illustrator


<aside> 🤝 The Team 1x UX Designer 1x UX Researcher


<aside> 🕘 Duration 8 months UX - 1 month UI - 2 weeks Illustration - 2 weeks


<aside> 📐 Tools Used Sketch Figma Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Zeplin


<aside> 🌟 My Key Contributions Concept Ideation Gamification Mechanics Illustration Prototyping User Interview Guerilla Testing Animation Developer Handoff


⚙ī¸ Process - Lean UX

Learn ➡ī¸

Build ➡ī¸

Measure ↩ī¸


Back in Q3 2018, we launched a new version SP Utilities app, the goal was becoming a super app. To continue growing the product as a super app, product team had an idea revolving around green efforts and rewards — Green Community.

The product team have been in talks with different entities to partner up and build this initiative. Although everyone had the same objectives it was hard to agree on the approach.


As part of the regulations, our team have to work closely and consult with Energy Market Authority (EMA) before launching any new feature on SP Utilities. EMA has a vision of smart energy which they are looking after how can Singapore efficiently utilise energy.

Another strategic partnership we forged was CapitaStar. This allows us to create a loyalty programme to reward our user. As a regulated business, we are not allowed to give out any form of rewards to our users.