There are workspaces everywhere. GreenSource Workspaces. There are some for water, some for buildings, some for energy, some focused on climate, some for community sustainability, some for food. They are in cities big and small all over the world. People love to move in, grow, and move out. They love to collaborate, instigate, and learn from others. They love to meet and do business, get deals done, score investors and investment opportunities. Most of all they love the way they are amongst the people with a common cause which is inventing and propagating the foundation, structure, and culture of a sustainable, thriving world.


Vision for Tustin hangars: Office buildings, workspaces and mixed use for sustainability and ethical living.

I did think they were going to be retrofitting one of these buildings for the school. I didn't know they were just building the school near the hangar.

Copy of Workspace Budget & Funding

Plan To Start Workspace 1

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Steps to Starting the Workspaces

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