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Greeks.live is the official partner of Deribit (see insights.deribit.com/partners/ for details).

We aim to provide a better trading experience for cryptocurrency options traders.

We provide accurate Greeks calculation tools and valuable visualization data for your options portfolio, as well as various options trading tools such as "One Click Delta Hedging" and "Synthetic Knock-in Options".

You are welcome to use greeks.live products at any time and we appreciate your valuable suggestions and comments! :D

                                                                         —— Greeks.live Team July 28, 2021


I. Visit Greeks.live Related links

1. Official Website: http://greeks.live/


From the home page of our official website, you can find links to all Greeks.live products, including live trading website, block trading platform, APP download, etc.

2. Trading website: greeks.live/web/

Greeks.Live Web Service Int'l Version is Now Online!

📍Official version: https://www.greeks.live/web/

📍Test version: https://test.greeks.live/web/ (please login with your Deribit test account)


3. Social Trading Plaza: https://t.greeks.live/#/

[Greeks.live Social Trading website users' guide](https://www.notion.so/Greeks-live-Social-Trading-website-users-guide-c79b8f8111e247ff97c349078983a9e1)

How to add your social trading with Deribit read-only API key?

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