We are a small digital-first travel company based out of the Andaman Islands, India. We are a content & media company before an agency and work hard on creating the best content for independent travellers.

You can check some of the pages here:

Here's what you'll be expected to do:

  1. Create web graphics that support our content. For Example: Blog infographics, Blog banners, Ad banners and the likes of these.

  2. Create social media graphics - Instagram Stories, Posts, etc.

  3. Visualisations for listicles and step-based articles.

  4. Working with Travel Maps.

  5. Self-learn needs of the reader and build graphics accordingly. We'll be able to give creative guidance for the first 2-3 pieces but expect you to think self-create design concepts and execute new ideas by yourself.

To Apply, write to umang@go2andaman.com