Feminist Frequency is a nonprofit dedicated to advocating for a more just and equitable media landscape and the end of abuse in the games industry. Our latest initiative is the Games and Online Harassment Hotline, a free, text message-based, confidential emotional support hotline for anyone who makes or plays games. We take a compassion-forward, trauma-informed, and survivor-centered approach to providing a support space for people experiencing a variety of mental health, harassment, or workplace struggles.

We’re really proud of our media focused work, our Hotline, and our upcoming projects and are driven to make it even more accessible and sustainable.

Why we need you

We believe that visual design can make or break engagement or interest in our work and need you to help us maintain and boost our visual identity. You are passionate about creating enticing visual designs and are overflowing with your own ideas. With two different visual identities within our organization you have the flexibility and adaptability to handle the needs of a variety of different projects. You are already an established freelance designer looking to add a client to your roaster for the long term.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

Our graphic designer is available on a rolling/on call basis to design a wide variety of assets, some months, such as during a campaign, will have a higher output while other months might be a little more quiet.

You’ll need these qualifications

It would be nice if you have

Compensation & Benefits