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About Us

Ren Labs — the research & development studio behind Ren — is a global leader in the multichain tech space. You can think of this space as an emergent, crypto-centric version of the SWIFT banking system, with Ren Labs contributing to key application and infrastructure developments. Our vision is simple: build an ecosystem of decentralized applications on top of this multichain infrastructure.

Our flagship project on the application front, Catalog, has raised $7.5 million at a $75 million (USD) valuation in early 2022. Catalog is a multichain, decentralized exchange (DEX) with a centralized exchange (CEX) look & feel. Ren is an interoperability project that has secured and bridged over $10 billion in assets from various blockchains since its inception.

Ren Labs started as a group of strangers at the Australian National University in 2017. To date, we are 20+ members, spread across 5+ countries, and are ramping up our operations. Now, we’re looking for someone to help us pave the way for more user-centric experiences and applications at Ren Labs!

Overview | The Role

This role is for passionate, visual storytellers who can simplify complex concepts into easy-to-digest content. You will be free to flex your creative muscles at Ren Labs across all of our creative domains, with your initial focus specifically on Catalog, our flagship project. You’ll initially work closely with our Co-founders, UI/UX Designer, and our Head of Growth to define Catalog’s visual identity across all relevant mediums. We envision this role evolving into a creative and visual director for all projects coming out of Ren Labs.

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