Welcome to the Grants product request form! This is where you can submit new requests to the product teams. If this a bug (i.e. something is broken on the site), please follow the steps in the Customer Support Playbook.

Don’t stress too much about diagnosing your need as a bug or a request, as long as you put it here or in the #customer-service channel we’ll get it to the right place. 🙂


What happens next?

The Grants Product Managers will review these requests on a regular cadence and assign them to the appropriate backlog (you can read more about our backlogs and how we organize work here). When assigned, the PM will also add a link to the relevant tracking doc so you can follow along with the status of your request.

Where’s my request?

There are three views of the request table that are accessed via the dropdown menu to the right of “Product Request Inbox”:

Product Request Inbox