This brief serves as an artifact for the early stages of the Grant Explorer and Round Manager product domains. It documents initial goals, assumptions, and considerations so that the team can get started and further flesh out the vision/strategy for the product.

The Grants 2.0 Vision

The high-level vision for Grants 2.0 is to enable Gitcoin to move faster on both the “problem” (public goods funding) and the “meta-problem” (optimal capital allocation tool for public goods funding) by decentralizing our core Grants product domains. We think that creating an open-source, modular, and decentralized grants protocol will allow the community to rapidly test different public goods funding mechanisms on top of a deeply liquid registry of grants. Further, we believe that a decentralized protocol for public goods funding is a public good in and of itself. The core domains of the protocol are represented today by Passport, Grant Hub, Round Manager, and Grant Explorer.

Round Manager and Grant Explorer are the primary unlocks to scaling our Grants protocol horizontally and allowing any project or team to use Grants as a mechanism to fund public goods.

Grants 2.0: Where We Are So Far

Round Manager and Grant Explorer are the last two core domains of Grants 2.0 to kickoff (after dPopp and Grant Hub), which gives the team some additional information to inform early development.


The Gitcoin Event Storming group initially outlined a number of domains that have been redistributed as part of the Grants 2.0 roadmap. At this point in time (May 2022), those domains are loosely allocated as:

There are some key domains that we expect to have somewhat fuzzy boundaries and (potentially) have shared interfaces: