Short Script

<aside> 💡 This is great for introducing your role in a meeting. What's more? You can read the below script word for word.


Today I am playing the role of the Grammarian.

I will be noting down all the good as well as not so good usages of grammar observed while speaking on the podium.

Good usages of grammar include phrases, alliterations, metaphors, similes or good usage of vocabulary.

Not so good usages will include incorrect grammar or sentence constructions along with this any vernacular words over-usage or mispronunciations.

I will also give you a word of the day. 📖

The word of the day for today is ________ 🤔

Whoever uses the word of the day gets a thumbs up 👍

I will come back with a report 📑 by the end of the meeting when called upon to do so.

Get the official A4 Script here 👇

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