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Your Raw Score is the grade you got without a late penalty. Final Grade calculates your late penalty. You can hide the late penalty column after you make sure the amount is correct 🔮 If your late assignment was excused, check off the "Excused" property and your late penalty will be ignored ✨ The sum of grades beneath the Weighted Grade column is your grade in the class.


Calculate your grade in any class without the legwork. Just replace the content below with your own.

English 001

How it works 🔎

Our formulas are based on a library called math.js, but are setup to work without coding skills.

Days Late

This formula calculates the number of days between the due date and submission. In case of excused tardiness, correct the submission date or delete the formula and turn this column into a simple number.

dateBetween(prop("Due"), prop("Submitted"), "days") * -1

Final Grade

This formula takes late policies into consideration. It also accounts for any tardiness that's been excused.

`prop("Grade") - prop("Days Late") * prop("Late Penalty") * 100 * toNumber(not prop("Excused"))`

Class Grade

This formula calculates points per assignment. The sum is your grade in the class.

`prop("Final Grade") * prop("Weighting")`

<aside> ⚠️ Note: If you modify any of the table's properties, you'll need to adjust the above formulas accordingly.