RFF & RIP Proposal Process - hosted on our Governance Forum on Commonwealth

This outlines the official updated process [REDACTED] Cartel will be using for governance. It breaks down how the community + governance committee can participate in the discussions to push the proposal forward in a four step process: draft proposal, request for feedback (RFF), Redacted Improvement Proposal (RIP) to Snapshot, Link Snapshot to Commonwealth.

Step 1: Draft Proposal

To draft up a proposal, first create an account by following these steps here and then join the [REDACTED] Cartel forum. Once you’ve joined the forum, you will be able to start making a proposal by clicking on the “New Thread” button. Follow these guidelines below to create a proposal correctly.

  1. Label it with “RFF [INSERT PROPOSAL TITLE]”

    1. Note: RFF stands for Request for Feedback
  2. Select a topic 2. RFF

  3. Fill in body of the RFF with the following:

    Draft Proposal Title



    Brief overview of the intended RFF.


    Brief background of the proposal.


    Why is it being put forward to the community?


    Key metrics of what changes the RFF is intending to implement.

    Supporting Evidence (If any/or required for additional context)

    Any supporting links, documents, graphs, tables, resources to help provide additional context to the RFF.


    If successful, describe the timeline of when this proposal will be implemented.

For additional information on creating threads and proposals, visit these docs here.

Once the RFF proposal has been drafted, make sure everything relevant to the proposal is included. Once complete, click the “create thread” button.

Step 2: Request for Feedback (RFF)

Duration: minimum 24 hours but recommended 48 hours

Once the proposal is posted, various members of the community & perhaps the core contributors at [REDACTED] Cartel will give their perspectives on the proposal published.

To begin the feedback process, create a poll by pressing the “create a poll” option on the right side of the post. This allows the publisher to gauge community sentiment on the ideas brought forward in the proposal.

Be sure to follow the guidelines detailed below: