About Gorgias

What is Gorgias?

Gorgias is a helpdesk designed with e-commerce in mind. It can help you provide multi-channel services to your shoppers from one single app. With integrations, get shopper data across multiple products you use to make the life of your shoppers easier.

What is the context of Gorgias + Return Rabbit?

Return Rabbit helps you keep track and service the return and exchange requirements of your shoppers, something which isn’t possible end-to-end on Shopify. If you’re already integrated with Gorgias, you will see Shopify data and get to address shopper queries faster. After integrating your Return Rabbit account with Gorgias, you will also get their Return Rabbit details in Gorgias itself, so that your Customer Support team has all the information that they need to address a shopper’s query, right from Gorgias itself.

How to integrate Gorgias and Return Rabbit?

Integrating Gorgias and Return Rabbit is a two-step process, after which you will tailor Gorgias to your needs.

Let’s breakdown the process so it is easy to understand:

Now, let’s take each of these steps and walk through them.

Step 1: Getting API Keys from Return Rabbit:

API Keys are your way of connecting two products that communicate with each other. To get Return Rabbit API Keys, please follow the steps below: