The HourStack Google Sheets integration allows you to export reports and data directly to your Google Drive as a Google Sheet. This is an alternative export method to Excel or CSV.

You can connect or disconnect integrations anytime through your account settings. All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration connection or data. You'll have access to your Google Sheets integration across all of your workspaces.

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Connecting the Integration

To connect your Google account, navigate to your account settings and find Google Sheets under the available integrations and click "Connect". This will take you to Google to login to the account you'd like to connect and to authorize the HourStack app to access your Google Drive account data. Once you've authorized the HourStack app, the integration will be connected and you can start using it immediately for exporting reports and data.

File Location

When your export is complete in HourStack, a direct link will be provided. This link will be emailed to you if you opted for an email notification and you can also find it in your export history. Your exports will be placed in the root of your Google Drive. You can also select "Recent" in Google Drive to find the latest export.

Disconnecting the Integration

To disconnect your Google Sheets integration, navigate to your account settings and click the "Manage" link next to your connected Google Sheets integration. Click the "Disconnect" button and confirm you'd like to disconnect the integration. This will disconnect the integration from the HourStack side. To fully disconnect the integration you'll need to remove HourStack's access under account security > manage third-party access in Google as well.

Removing access on the Google side is required if you want to switch to integrating with a different Google account.