<aside> 🚨 Hint: The right combination of location and website will fix this


If you're searching for a local business you need a combination of their website url as well as the city they're from.

Some examples:

**Domain URL:** <https://five2one.com.au>
**City:** Sydney


Brooke Lewis, They’re the best developers we've worked with over the past five years.

Doron Shmilovits, A leading development agency with a high level of expertise across a number of service areas. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with them for a few years and I also know many of their clients who are all very satisfied. They’ve got a proven …

**AI Generation:**

- Hi [FirstName], I just read a Google recommendation from Brooke Lewis with your company who said they've been working with you for over 5 years and that they're the best developers they've ever worked with. That's amazing to hear, and I'm sure it will be a big help in your pursuit of continuing to work with big brands!

- Hi [FirstName], just read a great Google review from Brooke Lewis about 7 months ago about how you're the best developers she's worked with. You provide a service that not only helps startups, but also large global corporations. Congrats to you and your team for being so successful!

If you're trying to target a branch of an international brand like Dominos you just need to provide the url and the city/town/locality you're targeting

**Domain URL:** <https://dominos.co.nz>
**City:** Rototuna


Harpreet Singh, Great customer service. specially the turban guy i don't know the name he really well explain to us about new pizzas. little bit order late but still good

Jono Miners, Brought a pizza tonight and salted caramel chocolate mousse and the staff member peeled off the useby date infront of me because it's obviously past! This place is a circus definitely worth driving by to the next domino's

**AI Generation:**

- Hey [FirstName], just read a pretty great Google review you got from Harpreet about 2 months ago complimenting your team member who was very knowledgeable about the new pizzas coming out at Dominos and even gave them a free pizza, congrats to you for having such great customer service and for being so inclusive of different cultures!

- Hi [FirstName], I just read a fantastic review about your customer service from you 2 months ago! You said that the turban guy was very welcoming and explained how to order new pizzas, it's not the first time I've seen great customer service from your company which is why I always order from you. It was great to see how much you care about your customers!