A validated solution to your challenge, in just four days

Are you facing a communication challenge, but you don't know how to tackle it? Is there something that you just can't solve? Are you starting to wonder whether you might be looking for the solution in the wrong places? Do you feel the energy slip away from your team? And are you up for a boost? Run a design sprint and cut out months of development work and endless meetings. After four days you'll have a validated solution to your challenge, prototyped and suitable for your users or target group. The bigger the challenge, the better the sprint.


A design sprint can offer the solution when...


......you're having trouble to get everyone in your team on the same page.


...... you feel the energy and motivation pull away from your team and you need a boost.


...you and your team feel the urge to solve a problem, but don't know how to start.


...you're bogged down in endless internal discussions because you don't have enough valuable information to base your (business) decisions upon.


...you want to find a way to give everyone a voice, so you can discover the true potential of your team.


...you notice that your team is losing focus, because goals are unclear and keep changing.

What does the sprint look like?

A design sprint is a pressure cooker workshop of 4 days in which your team works closely together with my team of strategists, communication experts and designers, in which we prototype the solution to your challenge.

🔎 On day 1, we research and define your challenges as a group. We decide what to focus on for the rest of the week en we come up with the first possible solutions.

👆🏻 On day 2, we take a close look at all the concepts and outweighing the pros and cons, we select one concept to further develop and test.

🏗️ On day 3, we rapidly build an interactive, realistic prototype for you.

🗣️ On day 4 we will test the prototype with your users and gather all the valuable insights.


What do you gain from a design sprint?

  1. First of all, the design sprint will motivate and engage your team right from the start.
  2. Because we sprint together, we'll develop a concept coming from the heart of your organisation.
  3. Because we verify certain assumptions about, for example, user needs and usability early in the process with a test among real users, we minimize the investment risk.
  4. We avoid procrastination by using complete and utter focus to find concrete solutions in a limited time. This way, we might solve a problem that you've been struggling with for years.
  5. We translate abstract strategy into a tangible prototype. This enables you to report to stakeholders with clear and convincing information and it creates a clear vision of your own work or organisation.


What happens after the design sprint?