The HourStack Google Calendar integration allows your team to schedule and track time from the events they have scheduled in Google Calendar — which means no duplicating entries, interrupted workflows, or jumping back and forth between applications.

You can connect or disconnect integrations anytime through your account settings. All integrations are scoped to you personally, meaning that nobody else on your team can access your integration connection or data. You'll have access to your Google Calendar integration across all of your workspaces.

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Connecting the Integration

To connect your Google account, navigate to your account settings and find Google Calendar under the available integrations and click "Connect". This will take you to Google to login to the account you'd like to connect and to authorize the HourStack app to access your Google Calendar account data. Once you've authorized the HourStack app, the integration will be connected and you can start using it immediately from your calendar.

Integration Configuration

Changes to your calendar selection within the integration will automatically be saved to your integration configuration so that each time you open the integration, it will be in the state you last left it, even across browsers or devices.


The Google Calendar integration features two primary views, the list of Google calendars and the list of events from a selected calendar. To display calendar events, you must first select a Google calendar as the source for the events. You'll have access to any calendars that have been created by or shared with your Google account. Calendars are searchable by name as well.

Calendar Events

Once you've selected a Google calendar, you'll see the events scheduled for the date range selected on the calendar. Events are searchable by name.

Creating Entries in HourStack

You can use Google Calendar events to create entries in HourStack by dragging and dropping them onto the calendar, or by clicking "Add to calendar" on the event. Notes from the calendar events are automatically copied over to the HourStack entry. Creating entries from integrations requires the same permissions as creating entries from scratch.

<aside> 💡 To create entries for yourself with this integration the my_entries permission is required.


<aside> 💡 To create entries for other team members, the other_entries permission is required along with other_teams if the member you are wanting to create entries for belongs to a different team than you.


Project and Label Assignment

You can select from existing projects and/or labels in HourStack before creating the entry from a Google Calendar event.

<aside> 💡 To create projects with this integration you need the projects permission.