In the Gondola Space we've found the door leading to/from the restroom very eager to close. Although this is a commendable behavior for a door, especially when guarding facilities where members prefer to be by themselves, some have come to experience it as somewhat "snappy".

Hence, to avoid any surprises in the future with this very determinded door powered by a speedy® shutting mechanism here's a detailed instruction for using this door. Try to remember how it looks so you do not confuse it with other doors.

Outside view

Inside view

❤️Always do this!

When leaving the restroom eager to return to your seat to continue coworking please use the door properly by grabbing the handle to push it all the way open.

Start pushing...

...continue pushing until it's all the way open.

This is the only acceptable usage. We, the door, as well as your finger will be grateful for your compliance.

💀NEVER do this!

At the end of pushing the door open you might be tempted to let go of the handle and keep it from falling shut by stopping it with your hand like shown below.

Withstand thes urge!

Never, please, never do as the stunt model in the following images does.

Don't try this at the gondola space.


This is only allowed for highly trained elder members of the space who have gone through years of supervised practice and a certification process.

Thank you for your cooperation!🙏

PS: We understand that these explanations will instill in you the reflex to do exactly what we're trying to keep you from. It's only natural. We know, believe us. Forbidden fruit and such... But also believe us that resistance to such reflex is prudent in this curious case of the snapping door. The Darwin Award has been assigned for lesser inattention and ignorance.