<aside> ⚠️ This is a legacy document that is not kept up-to-date. Go to https://docs.golden.xyz/protocol/readme for the latest information.


Status and progress

Golden started as a web2 company in San Francisco on a mission to map all human knowledge. We raised $60m from leading VCs and investors ranging from a16z to Balaji to Founders Fund and many others. Since Fall 2021, we have been ramping up efforts to create a web3 version of Golden to increase the speed that the knowledge graph can be built. Golden is building a permissionless, open source protocol that incentivizes the collection and verification of canonical knowledge, which it will offer to the public for free and charge commercial entities.

User growth: 10’s of thousands of users (growing daily) have connected wallets to Golden and are submitting data into the protocol.

Data collection: users have contributed millions of data triples to Golden so far, and we have started the process of verification of these triples.

Protocol development: We are developing a protocol, dApp and APIs for submitting and verifying triples. Golden.com is in the process of being optimized for full web3 integration.

Whitepaper: We have written our whitepaper, which is currently in review to be made public soon.

Hiring: Check out our open roles. Feel free to apply or share.

I am new here, how can I help?

  1. Start by creating an account on Golden.com and following the guide for ‣ (settings → connect wallet). If you have already made a Golden.com account, just connect your wallet.
  2. Help grow the knowledge graph by adding data triples and citations to Golden.com entity pages. Follow our ‣ to get started.
    1. Submit triples: Users that submit fact triples that go on to be accepted will be eligible for an airdrop when the Golden token is released. There is no need to paste edits of data triples and citations into Discord.
    2. Verify triples: Users can become eligible for a future airdrop by verifying triples that get accepted by the protocol on dapp.golden.xyz. Please follow our Triple Verification Guide when verifying.
  3. Are you a builder (developer, data scientist etc.) that can help us? Let us know in Discord by introducing yourself. Then read more on how to get involved.
  4. Share the project! Tell your friends, developers, or family. Join our Discord and invite like minded people to golden.xyz.

What’s the TLDR on how the protocol works?

  1. Tokens for submission and verification: Tokens are earned by submitters and verifiers for loading and verifying true facts (triples) into the knowledge graph. E.g. ‘Apple’ ‘was founded in’ ‘1976’. Verifiers confirm the correctness of the triples by voting. Once the number of votes reaches a statistical threshold, the ‘fact’ is accepted by the knowledge graph and immutably stored. As the knowledge graph grows, the data itself can be used to aid verification. Submitters and verifiers gain reputation as triples are accepted.
  2. Public data NFTs, fractional ownership and rev share incentives: NFTs are used to organize fractional ownership between the creators of the data associated with each unique entity. Various canonical data can be associated with the unique public data NFTs including triples, natural language in various translations, canonical images, or otherwise. These NFTs will assist with disambiguation and allow fractionalized ownership for the submitters, verifiers and protocol. Revenue share from commercial data usage can be distributed to the creators of the data and protocol. Copyright law is used to protect the IP and afford commercial usage of the data while allowing free usage by the public.
  3. Anti gaming: A Sybil attack resistance, game-theoretic approach is used to provide asymmetric costs to gaming the protocol. Slashing staked collateral is a mechanic used to prevent submitters and verifiers from incorrectly submitting or voting. Reputation scores are implemented to increase efficiency in staking and slashing. Voting is blind.