<aside> ⚠️ This is a legacy document. Go to https://docs.golden.xyz/protocol/incentivized-testnet-activities for the latest information on the testnet.


Learn how to earn testnet rewards by helping build the Golden Protocol.

NB: Specific reward allocation for each activity is being worked on and calibrated to a budget that rewards up to 1% of the tokens at protocol launch.

Entity and Triple Submission

Testnet rewards may be earned by adding information to the knowledge graph. Additions may be done manually through the structured information tab on Golden.com entity pages or programmatically by using the API.

Triple submission: initially 6 points* for each submission that becomes accepted

Bonus submission incentives: predicates that are specifically valuable to the graph are rewarded at higher rates.

Entity creation: Earn rewards for creating entities. The reward for an entity’s creation is the sum of rewards given for submitting the required triples to create the entity.

Read the Triple Submission Guide to get started.

Triple Validation

Testnet rewards may be earned by verifying triples that have been proposed for addition to the knowledge graph. You may do this manually on the Golden dApp or programmatically by using the API.

Validation vote: initially 1 point* for each validation vote that goes on to agree with the decision of the acceptance or rejection.

Read the Triple Validation guide to get started.

**The amount rewarded for triple submission, validation, and entity creation will change as we calibrate and load balance the system to the benefit of all stakeholders of the protocol. **We expect the number of points for triples submission, validation and entity creation to lower over time. [*Rewards will become dynamic based on a reward function to be defined later].

Developer Contributions