We are Saiga

We believe that people spend too much time on mind-numbing tasks and life admin. That's where Saiga steps in. We are building Saiga for a world where everyone can dedicate their time to the things that really matter - be it spending more time with family and friends or simply getting that one extra hour of sleep.

Saiga will radically and fundamentally change how we manage our lives by becoming a personal assistant for the entire administrative and bureaucratic life of people and their households. We use machine learning and UX magic to turn admin into a joyful and positive experience - or at the very least, get it done.

Saiga was founded by Karl Moritz Hermann who was previously CEO of the AI research company Dark Blue Labs (sold to Google) and a senior staff researcher at Google DeepMind. We are backed by some of Europe’s most ambitious VCs and experienced Angel investors, giving us the runway and support to build a category-defining and impactful company.

The Role

As a Go Developer, you are central to the success of our company. You will take ownership of significant aspects of our architecture and build new products from scratch. Considering the still early stage of our company, you will spend much more time painting on a blank canvas than maintaining legacy systems. At the same time, through high-quality code, clean APIs, and thorough documentation, you will ensure that this remains the case going forward.

Data privacy and trust are central to our product, and an important part of your role will be to ensure that our code adheres to highest standards in that regard, both on the customer-facing product as well as on internal tooling.

We believe that the best companies are created by small and formidable teams, so we try to hire the best people who can perform beyond their core competencies. Our vision for this position is a hybrid between a traditional backend SWE and a DevOps SRE.

Our stack currently includes a backend written in some Python and Go, running on a fully managed architecture on AWS, and we are happy to get your input on these topics.

You will combine the agility and pragmatism required to move quickly in an early stage startup with the attention to detail and diligence required to build and enable beautiful experiences. Your code will be a joy to read and easy for others to understand and build on.

Even though working from home is, of course, part of the job, you should either be in Berlin already or be happy with moving here.