Launch Overview

The goal of our go-to-market is to position the vision of our business, the value of our product, and drive 5,000 sign-ups on our waitlist. Our target here is important as it will allow us to add and retain the necessary amount of net new customers for our Series A.

Launch Date:

100 Day Goal:

Wednesday, Feb 26, 2020

5,000 person waitlist

Who is the Air user?

Launch Strategy

1. Awareness | Top of the funnel


📣Drive brand awareness

✅Generate leads

<aside> 🔝 “Top of the funnel has very little to do with products and services, and everything to do with your buyer’s interests and needs.”



2. Interest | Middle of the funnel


🤝Build trust


💕Nurture the lead

<aside> ⏳ “At this stage, people are willing to consider your company and your product. They are interested in learning more about you.”