PKM stands for Personal Knowledge Management (I agree it's a somewhat clumsy acronym). It refers to strategies and tools for efficient information management (i.e. processing, organizing and access), which is particularly important these days in abundance of information around us.

Specifically, when I talk about it I mostly refer to digital knowledge management and ways of seamless integration with our meaty brains. I write more about it here.

Human brains seem to be best for generating new ideas. I want to learn more, think faster, distract less, interact and visualize, effortlessly remember everything; not memorize and do routine information processing, which computers seem better at.

I haven't thought much of a specific roadmap, but my vision is:

The latter bit is what I'm trying to do and developing simple but working tools (rather than sketching prototypes that look beautiful but never make it). Even though stuff we have at disposal at the moment (often lousy internet connection, OCR, basic speech and pattern recognition, text search, 2D screens, touchscreens and basic VR/AR) is not so exciting and somewhat restricted, I feel we're not fully utilizing it anyway yet.

I'm writing more on motivation and things I'd like to integrate in my workflow here.

Some things I'm working on and contributing: