Eden, Foundation, Clarion... How does all this relate?

Coming into the EOS Community fresh, you'll hear a lot of names, and it's not always clear what they are and how they relate. So...

ClarionOS (the company)

Clarion is the company developing the EdenOS software as well as the ClarionOS software. It is led by Dan Larimer and powered by a tiny, devoted team.


The "operating system" in active development to implement the procedures, tools, and documentation of Dan Larimer's vision of "Fractal Governance". This is the software that history will show executed the first Fractal Governance election and use of on-chain budget on Oct 9th, 2021. For more information on Dan’s vision, please visit: www.moreequalanimals.com. The software and other infrastructure is open source and available to anyone wishing to start their own community using the processes created by the ClarionOS team for the Eden community.

Fractal Governance

The human governance process described in More Equal Animals. Also referred to as Fractal Democracy or, in the book, as True Democracy


The broader group of people participating in communities that coordinate their effort with Fractal Governance, most likely utilizing EdenOS as the enabling tool for membership, elections, and budget allocation/spending.

ClarionOS (the software project)

A P2P/decentralized, uncensorable communication platform at the heart of the vision of ClarionOS (the company). This will provided extended decentralization beyond the EOS blockchain and integrate with the EOS blockchain for "global" coordination that would otherwise be impossible. ClarionOS' network topology will closely mirror its users' social network connectivity.

Clarion Frontend

Clarion will be an open source view of the data (highly-specialized block explorer), think steemit or voice.com. It will have a strong social media component, and it will integrate with Eden and EOS to form a powerful tool for newtorking, coordination, and benefiting its userbase.

Genesis (or genesis.eden)

The name of the (first) community that has set out to demonstrate the ideas of Fractal Governance. See more here.

EdenOS v0.1 - Eden New Member Portal/tools

A web portal, smart contract, and NFT tool that will allow people to commit the artifacts and details of their Induction to the EOS blockchain.

EdenOS v0.2 - Eden Playoff Portal/tools

The next thing we'll build, which will enable the manual logging of the results of Eden's political playoffs.