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What you get One-time relocation assistance for personal reasons after 1 year of tenure at MUI; relocation assistance for business reasons.
How to access Relocation requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. They must be submitted in writing to your manager and the People Team.
Why do we offer this We want to ensure a fair and consistent approach to global mobility while taking into account the specific needs of our team. We appreciate that people may wish to move for a vast number of personal reasons and we want to support that freedom of movement.

How we approach global mobility & relocation

At MUI, we value [freedom](<>) and have intentionally structured our company to be able to hire people from all over the world. We believe incredible talent is everywhere — and remote work helps us to not only access but engage and equalize opportunity for people who have faced barriers to entry or marginalization in the world of work.

We aim to support relocation as much as possible for personal reasons and business reasons alike. This means, that we aim to support freedom of movement to the extent that it is sustainable for our business to do so.

<aside> <img src="/icons/error_blue.svg" alt="/icons/error_blue.svg" width="40px" /> Support for relocation or global mobility is subject to eligibility and this policy is intended as a guideline only. It does not represent or create any contractual obligations.



New hires: We appreciate that people may be attracted to MUI as a distributed, remote-first company and wonder if MUI is in a position to help them move to another country.

At present, MUI does not provide visa sponsorship for individuals applying for new roles within the company. Candidates must already possess legal authorization to work in the country for which they’re applying to be considered for employment.

Existing employees: We also understand that people may wish to move to different places for a vast number of reasons during the course of their employment with us. Existing employees may be eligible for relocation support for personal reasons, subject to the following conditions:

How to access - approvals process

Personal relocation: Employees seeking relocation for personal reasons must submit a formal request in writing to their manager and the People Team. You can simply email your manager and CC @Mikaila Read. The request should include relevant details such as: