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TechLabs is an organization full of digital education enthusiasts founded in Münster with several locations all over the world. We dream of a world full of digital shapers. Individuals who use technology to approach the challenges of our time with a digital and entrepreneurial mindset.

Our global team has started in 2020 to act as supporter, service provider, coordinator and strategic head. We are not located at one site, we are represented worldwide and mostly work together virtually.

We need you

The TechLabs Spirit comes from the people: A set of enthusiastic, driven, and passionate individuals who have joined forces to learn and acquire skills required for dealing with the most crucial challenges we face in our social systems, the economy, and/or the environment: Technology.

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We don't fill job openings - we match you to a project that's right for you. We always have enough tasks, ideas and opportunities - and we'll keep looking until we find motivated volunteers.

Please send us your interest by filling out the typeform - you will hear from us soon.

Special offers

Sometimes we have new roles or specials besides the regular needs that we would like to introduce to you here: