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The International Union of Students (IUS) has collapsed. Since the early 2000s, there has been no streamlined representative body for all students of all fields of study. We want to re-establish a global democratic student organization that can avoid or transcend the problems that led to the IUS’ collapse. We want to end this current era of decadence in terms of student representation and strive for a future where students and youth are adequately represented in policymaking processes.

Our goals

How we want to set it up

Due to changing possibilities surrounding operating such an organization in many countries, we look to establish the organization in a country that provides a stable, open, and democratic environment.

In establishing the organization, we must ensure that it cannot be used for the promotion of the personal worldviews of a small number of people. To ensure the comprehensive reach of all students, we must not only include national or regional representation bodies, but also global organizations that represent students for a particular sector and/or field of study.

The main aim of the organization would be to ensure students are a structural part of education decision-making processes, influence global education politics, and have a powerful platform to represent and advocate for their views on global issues. Outreach and advocacy will be the very core of the newly created organization.

The open floor for debates and discussions between student organizations will be an integral part of the Global Student Government. However, we envision this organization as more than a forum, since it would serve as a global representative body for all students and would prioritize infrastructure development for student governments around the world.