Big Orange Heart (BOH) Foundation is a registered non-profit and its mission is “to support and promote positive well-being and mental health within remote working communities”.

At BOH we run a number of events with over 21,000 registered attendees throughout the year to raise funds. These feature guests, speakers and sponsors from 6 continents. Our virtual events connect people and enable freedom of movement within the virtual event space with our video content receiving more than 1.5 million views.

Following on from the success of these events and feedback from sponsors, attendees, speakers and volunteers, we are looking for Sponsors to partner with us on an annual basis for 2022.

Our global annual sponsorship includes access to the following events which are run throughout the year.

Our Events

All sponsorship is offered at the complete discretion of the Big Orange Heart Foundation. We reserve the right to refuse acceptance of support without limitation. All prices quoted are $ USD.

How this Sponsorship Benefits Your Business

Drive Traffic to Increase Your Engagement

Benefit from the social engagement of attendees who expose your brand to a much larger audience. Promote your involvement with Big Orange Heart by streaming the sessions to your social media platforms in order to increase engagement.

Saturated Visibility

We get over 8.5 million pages views annually and send 500,000 emails to our members. Your brand will be visible in all our events, our social media, event advertising and via our media partners. This gives you access to new audiences and increases your brand recognition on a global scale.

Generate Leads

Gain exposure to prospective clients and learn more about your customers when you engage with them during our events and in our Community Tents. Our Games Tent also offers you the opportunity to develop a mailing list that promotes your services or products. Our Spin-to-win games are played 970 times generating 355 leads for sponsors. The highest cost per led is $143 and the lowest cost per lead is $68, which is an average cost of $109 per lead. This is well below the industry average of $198.

Strengthen Your Company’s Image

Highlight your commitment to mental health and well-being. By sponsoring this important cause, you attract media attention and set your company apart from others. This inspires brand loyalty, people love to support and spend their money with brands that invest in their community.

Sponsoring Big Orange Heart

The Impact