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This is Part 3 in a series that guides you through the different adoption phases towards cloud-based, remote software development for your team.

Once your environment is configured make sure all your developers install the Gitpod browser extension to open context-aware developer environments with one click from your Git provider. If you are using GitLab there is a native Gitpod button integrated into the GitLab UI.

Browser Extension

Your environment, your tools, your craft

Cloud-based, remote development does not mean that you are required to use inferior or different tools than you are using today and/or lose the customizations, keybindings, shortcuts, themes, etc. that make you productive and you have built muscle memory around.

With Gitpod we want to allow you to take all of that with you - while still enjoying all of the automation benefits that cloud-based, remote developer environments provide you with. We bring Gitpod to where you already are today. You can:

One workspace per task

On any given day, you may be involved in tasks such as the following: