An #OpenScience & #OpenModelling initiative to study & expand the research on Gitcoin Grants Quadratic Funding robustness, Sybill and collusion resistance. This collaboration is taking place at the intersection of

Gitcoin x BlockScience x TE Academy x TE Commons

and it's aims are threefold:

1. to explore QF improvements and

2. to expand models and simulations with cadCAD

to provide decision support for tuning governance policy around collusion in the Gitcoin Grants ecosystem,

3. to engage with community

in the research and examination of those policies, and

4. to skill-up anyone interested

in using cadCAD & data science to understand complex systems in the Token Engineering Academy.

Presentation Final Results - Video

Exceptional Contributions

Five members of the research group have been awarded for "Exceptional Contributions" by their co-researchers.

This NFT hightlights Token Engineering work along three dimensions:

MULTIDISCIPLINARY: Exceptional contributors enable others to look through the lens of a particular domain, while acknowledging and actively removing barriers for collaboration across disciplines (like different domain jargon and definitions, different mental models).

OPEN: Exceptional contributors are open to collaborate, encourage and support others in building on their work.

INNOVATIVE: Exceptional contributors are most innovative in applying their specific domain knowledge to a token engineering challenge.