Values of the Policy:

<aside> 💌 We lean into conflict, we don’t avoid it. Conflict resolution is a skill we can all develop & we rely on ourselves more than external deciders. We learn from conflicts.


Implementation (steps to initiate conflict res):

  1. (OPTIONAL) Arrange a meeting with the person you have a conflict with;

  2. Contact Loie or Mitzy C. ** & ask for a process to start**

    1. Mitzy or Loie then takes basic info about your conflict & refers you to a facilitator (based on their time available or the modality that fits better).
    2. A facilitator will then contact you to initiate the resolution process.
    3. Mitzy & Loie discuss fees to ensure the facilitator’s expenses are suitable & covered.
  3. Preparing an After Action report

    1. Share the learnings/transformation that came out of the resolution process - attach it to the register of this conflict in this database, and share it with the People Ops team. (via @Sandy S. @Loie or @Rachael Amy)
    2. People Ops will keep an eye on the general health of Gitcoin as it relates to conflicts & help with escalating any that need it - whether that means role redefinition, external conflict resolution resources, revisiting the code of conduct, etc.



Details about the facilitators can be found by clicking on the names listed below.

Charm Taylor

Juan Carlos Bell Llinas


Monica Zheng

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Compensation for the conflict resolution:

If a facilitator is needed, Gitcoin DAO will compensate the facilitators for their involvement in the facilitation process. This expense will be absorbed into DAO Ops budget.