Linear supports linking your issues to GitHub or GitLab and automates your pull request or merge request workflows.

The integration works similarly for GitHub and GitLab. For ease of reading, we sometimes use the terminology "pull request" and "PRs" in this doc when referring to the integration generally but they would apply to GitLab merge requests and MRs, too. The terminology you'll see in Linear's app will match the integration you choose.

How it works

Once you connect Linear with GitHub or GitLab, you can start linking your GitHub pull requests or GitLab merge requests to Linear issues. You can link multiple Linear issues to a single GitHub or GitLab issue.

Set up pull request automation so that updates to PRs change the status of linked Linear issues. This saves you the hassle of updating Linear issues manually. Do this under Workflow in team settings.

Features we currently do not support:

How to set up the integration

To enable your source control integration, visit Settings > Workspace > Integrations. If the setting isn't available to you, ask your workspace admin.


To enable GitHub, click Connect GitHub in integration settings and select which repositories you want to give Linear access to. It's easy to add or remove repositories later; just visit settings through the Configure GitHub button from Linear's Github integration settings page. All teams in your workspace will be able to link to issues in the selected repositories.

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