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There has been a rise in the amount of users creating wish lists on different social platforms for some special events e.g birthdays, weddings etc, and there is no platform where these wish lists. can be created, stored and the growth tracked.

Giftie is a platform where users can create wish lists, add items to those wish lists and keep track of the conversion they receive in their accounts for the wish lists. Users can also send gifts (money, airtime, bills. and gift items) to other people whether the receiver is a registered user or not.

The Challenge

There has been an increase in the amount of people who desire to get some certain things for some special events e.g birthdays, weddings, so they create wish lists on their notes app, take a screenshot and post on different social media platforms, while this solves the problem temporarily, there's no central system that can be used to store these wish lists, track the progress of the items in the wish list and also know if the wishes have been fully granted.

The goal of creating Giftie is to have a mobile app that can;

⚡️ Create wish lists and add multiple wishes to each wish list.

⚡️ Track the progress of each item in your wish list(s).

⚡️ View and fulfil the wishes of others (your friends or general public wish lists).

⚡️ Show love to people by sending them gifts, airtime, money or paying their bills.

My Role

I was the product designer in the team and was responsible for every design solution that is listed below;

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Design Process

Product Features from the Ideation Process

🔥 Users can signup with either email address or phone number, depending on their preference.

🔥 Users can search for friends' wishlists or scan unique qr codes that will be generated for every wishlist to partly or completely fulfil the wishes in the wishlists.

🔥 Users can show love to others by sending airtime, money, gifts or pay the bills of the recepient of the love.