So maybe you’re new or perhaps you’ve been here a while. Either way you want to be the best and contribute to creating an effective team. We want you to be amazing too. So we've written up this page in the hope that by being explicit on how we work (and aspire to work) that we can make it easy to understand how to get the most out of our interaction, with the least amount of effort. Everything we do stems from our values so here’s guide on how to operate within that framework.

So, let's get going..🤩

Clear Thinking. Deliberate Decisions 💡🔍🔦

Be open, be humble, be honest 🤲🐑👼

Don't be busy, be effective 🦁🐱‍🏍💥

Focus on the big things, not everything. How you choose to spend your time has an opportunity cost. Expect to ask yourself or be asked, is your time being spent as effectively as possible. (If you want to dive into this topic see tunnelling) NNNNNeway... before we put the foot on the gas, lets make sure we're going in the right direction. Similarly if you’re not sure why you’ve been asked to do something, challenge it.


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