Getting started for new users

Configure your account

Once you’ve been invited to your team’s Dive space, create your account. In the Settings section, you can add a profile photo, set up integrations, and sign up for Shuffle to be intelligently paired for one-on-one chats with other coworkers.

Explore your Dive space

Get to know your new home base for meetings! You can see the list of activities, see a list of scheduled sessions, and even start your own session.

Join your first Dive session

Meet with your team to experience the Dive difference. Once you’ve been invited to your first Dive session, take a moment to get to know the room, click on an emoji or sound, and suggest a game to the team.

You can also start your own session to explore on your own.

Explore Dive apps and features

Dive has dozens of apps, games, and engagement features. Learn more about Shuffle, emojis & sound reactions, and chat.