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Naas augments Jupyter Notebooks by adding micro-services accessible in low-code to easily access data, automation, and AI.

The product is based on 3 elements: features, drivers, and templates.


The templates enable you to kickstart projects in minutes.

They can include low-code drivers that act as connectors to facilitate access to tools, and complex libraries (database, API, ML algorithm...) while the low-code features (scheduling, asset sharing, notifications...) enable faster iteration and deployment of outputs to end-users, in a headless way.

Naas is forever free to use with 100 credits/month on its hosted version πŸ‘‰Open your account

If you contribute to this library of open-source notebooks templates, you will be rewarded by free credits πŸ†

Local installation

If you want to use Naas on your local Jupyter environment, it's free and open-source, just follow the procedure below :

Local Instalation

Why Naas?

<aside> πŸ’‘ Jupyter Notebooks are awesome, but using them in production can be risky & messy.


Naas allows Jupyter Notebooks to become a safe production environment!

Basic features

Naas makes a dynamic production environment based on your current notebook folder.

Create a folder, open a notebook, and import Naas :

import naas