If Raycast is not behaving as expected, we may ask you for a Console log to help us to debug the issue.

Here's how:

  1. Open the Console from the Utilities folder inside your Applications folder or via Raycast.

  2. Ensure that All Messages is selected in the top left, and then press the Start streaming play button. Output will start to appear in the console.


  3. Ensure that you have Include Info Messages and Debug Messages selected in the menu bar.


  4. In the search bar in the top right on the console, type subsystem:com.raycast.macos.RaycastApp and hit enter. This ensures that only Raycast output messages are displayed.


  5. Switch back to Raycast and try and trigger the issue. You should see some output being printed.

  6. After you have triggered the issue one or twice, go back to the Console and press the pause icon in the toolbar.


  7. Press A or Edit → Select all to select all entries in the Console.

  8. Edit → Copy the selection, send to the Raycast team to help identify and debug issues.