Welcome! It's never too early or too late to get started.

1. Take a look around.

Your Mission OS is organized into a set of 4 core sheets, with 4 additional registers to keep track of your key metrics, ratings, policies, and communications. Each section is accompanied with a guide. You'll find links to the appropriate guide at the bottom of each worksheet. Feel free to customize and adapt it however you need.

<aside> 💡 Throughout this guide SHEET and Section refer to worksheets and sections in your Mission OS.


2. Start with questions.

Open up the **MANAGEMENT** worksheet in your Mission OS. This should become the sheet you check in on during every major management meeting (e.g. quarterly executive meetings, or annual strategic retreat).

Your most important action here may be to schedule a time to check in again on your Mission OS - either as part of an upcoming strategy session or executive meeting, or to set aside additional time to explore the other Mission OS Field Guides here: Mission OS.

3. Fill in the gaps.

Now open up the **CONTEXT** worksheet. This sheet is meant to capture general context that will help you think through factors that may matter on your PATHWAYS and **IMPLICATIONS** worksheets.

4. Think about where you're going.

Now open up the PATHWAYS worksheet. This sheet will be one you can expect will take thought, over time. It elaborates on CONTEXT: Pathways and is meant to help you get at the core value that your company creates in terms of ultimate outcomes and benefits to stakeholders and the world around you. It's based on a basic logic model framework to help you get started.