1. Start by creating a new Project by selecting ‘add’ from the left-hand menu, or a content template from the home screen.

  2. At the Project level, add your interface elements - header color, logo and background color or add any project-level custom code.

  3. Your Experience begins with an optional splash page to give your users a basic understanding of what to expect and what you’d like them to do prior to entering. Add your image and text.

  4. Next use the + icon to add the Sections you’d like. You can edit the names of your sections as well as reorder them via the left hand navigation.

  5. Post choosing an AR Template, go to the Full Screen Editor to add assets, edit, size, position, and rotation. Here you can add your own code per model, add or remove shadows as well as rename your assets.

  6. Exit full screen and click ‘Preview’ to generate a QR code to test your experience.

  7. Once you are ready, tap ‘Publish’ to set your project live and get your public URL and QR code.

Example Project Architecture

Example Project Architecture