Our themes allow you to completely change the look and feel of your reports with just a few clicks. All of the Toolkit features are built with themes in mind, allowing you to seamlessly change the theme of reports, components, or canvas grids at any stage of the build and design process.

Applying Themes

Themes are best applied towards the end of the build process, once you've populated your report with its relevant components and supplemented it with your own data. However, you can apply them at any stage to gauge the look and feel of a report, or even the components themselves.

  1. Within your file, select 'View' on the ribbon, then click the 'Themes' dropdown and select 'Browse for themes'.

  2. Select your theme of choice from the 'Themes' section of the Toolkit files. For reference, the default theme applied to all files is 'Theme 1 - Light'.


Creating Custom Themes

To create a custom theme, perhaps for a more on-brand look and feel, you can use our theme framework to bring in your own colors and style, whilst retaining all component formatting.

Customizing your own theme can be broken down into two sections. Firstly, you'll need to determine the colors that make up your own color palette, and secondly, you'll then need to populate your chosen colors within the Power BI 'Customize Theme' section.