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Welcome to Mochi World, New Player. ๐Ÿ‘‹

Thereโ€™s lots to explore in our kawaii little corner of the Metaverse, so hereโ€™s a quick start guide to get you going!

By the end of this experience, you will:

<aside> โš ๏ธ Pause: Have you taken a moment to read Getting Started with Discord?


Create and claim your Mochi Profile

  1. Visit mochi.game and connect your wallet to join the Mochi Community.
  2. Go to Discord and claim your Mochi account by using /claim [youremail@address.com](<mailto:youremail@address.com>) in any channel.
  3. Complete the New Player Starter Journey in Gather Town.

Set a goal and bond

  1. Use /goal <your goal here> to set your goal. Watch this for SMART goal-setting advice!
  2. Use /bond to change your game mode and bond some ETH on your goal.

Start the Journey

  1. Join ๐Ÿฃย | #mochi-mates to find a team.
  2. Ask a team lead to add you to their team with /team add, or use /team create <your team name> anywhere in Discord to create a new team.
  3. Add players to your team using /team add <Discord user>