<aside> 🔑 Outreach is the key difference in getting a job in 3 months vs. 8 months, which equates to roughly $21,000 in salary! (Source: Recently hired graduate data).


To set yourself up for success in Job Search, do the following immediately:

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Custom Outreach Message Generator

From working with 1000s of placed Lambda graduates, we know that outreach is the key to landing that first interview. To speed things along, I will be providing email contacts and outreach messages for jobs you apply to. The following tutorial video will run you through how this simple process works:

TUTORIAL LINK: https://www.loom.com/share/5983de693024407f888d9b8e3694f3f5

To take advantage of this, fill out the Outreach Request Form with a link to a job description and some quick reasons on why you are a good fit. Our team will send you the email address and a customized 3-email sequence outreach to send. The form should take you <5 minutes to fill out and once you submit it you will get the outreach document within 2-3 business days.

🥗 Food for thought: If you spend 1-2 hours finding 10 job openings you are interested in and 1 hour filling out an Outreach Request Form for each job opportunity, and 20 minutes sending the outreach messages, you will complete your expected weekly outreach goal in under 4 hours! ⏰

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