👋 Welcome to Medaverse DAO. We’re glad you’re here!

Joining a DAO can seem overwhelming to start. There are a lot of moving parts and without the traditional corporate management structure you may be used to it can seem like there are no clear operations in place. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite being community owned and operated we have developed systems and processes to work efficiently and effectively together. This guide is here to help get you integrated into the community, start contributing your skills and expertise, get rewarded for your efforts, and help shape our future direction.

<aside> ❓ Curious what a DAO is? Head over to our FAQs page or check out this great explainer.


The best way to get started is...

...to simply join the Discord server and say hi! We are friendly and welcoming people. Feel free to introduce yourself in the #👋intros channel with a quick blurb about your background and skillset then join in on the conversation in #😄general.

<aside> ❓ Never used Discord before? Check out this beginners guide. Curious why we use Discord for our communications? Here’s a great writeup from another DAO.


After you’ve done that, it’s best to get a lay of the land. Spend some time exploring the different Discord channels, clicking through our resources, and reading through the various pages here in our Notion workspace. Be sure to follow our Twitter account and read our blog for the latest updates. If you’re a developer, you should head over to our Github.

Another great way to get a feel for the community vibe and what we’re actively working on is to join a community call. Don’t be intimidated! You are welcome to just listen in. Right now, we hold community calls every Friday at 3 pm EST in the #🎙community-call channel in Discord.

Want to know what we’re actually working on? Scope out our various project communication channels in Discord and check their development status in the relevant Notion workspace. We have a number of “guilds” that contribute when needed to the projects. Think of guilds as specialized pools of labor that community members can join and call upon to help out with certain tasks. Examples include the Writer’s Guild, Clinical Guild, Developer’s Guild, Treasury Guild, and more. If you would like to join a guild, head over to the #📌role-select channel in Discord and click on the corresponding emoji. Be sure to introduce yourself in your guilds Discord channel and also visit your guilds Notion workspace.

That’s pretty much all you need to join Medaverse DAO! That being said, here are some pro tips to help simplify your journey:


credit: @BanklessHQ

Get rewarded for your work.

You’ve been putting in some hard work and community members are starting to notice. Wonderful! This DAO is only possible because of people like you. So how do you get compensated for your effort?

For general acknowledgements or tips, we use a platform called 🐵Coordinape. Everyone that opts in is allowed to send up to 100 $GIVE tokens to other members each monthly “epoch”. At the end of the month / epoch, rewards are distributed and can then be redeemed. Be sure to input and explicitly state which tasks you’ve been working on so other members can see! Remember to reward others as well!

<aside> ⚠️ In the early stages of the DAO, treasury funding is limited. As the DAO scales we will have more funds to compensate and push forward new initiatives. This will mean bounties and hourly payments or even salaries for certain positions like project and guild leads.


Participating in governance.

<aside> 🚧 This section is coming soon. Help us shape our governance structure by sharing your perspective in the Discord #🧪governance channel.


Quick recap of action steps: