Talk to us in #plugin-dev for more info!

Creating relics and mobs

You may be able to help with mobs and relics even with rather limited coding knowledge once our system for them is complete.

Eventually, a guide for making mobs will be found on the Mobzy wiki:

Learning Java & Kotlin

We mostly write in Kotlin now, though if you have 0 programming experience, start with learning Java.

Read through the following guide if you don't know how to code, or don't know Kotlin:

In general, the project is a great learning experience for collaborating with others on code through tools like git & GitHub, but it's also quite satisfying to make some codey stuff of your own that'll actually show up on the server!

What can I work on?

You may contribute to any projects you want to, but some are a bit less welcoming since they're very WIP.

We use GitHub projects to keep track of things that need to be done. Look for the good first issue label!

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Be sure to check out Project Overview to see the state of all our projects.

Project setup

Check out Setup and Contribution Guide to learn how to set up most of our plugins.