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Our Discord server and this wiki are the core of our community for everything when it comes to the LYHMECommunity such as information, giveaways, announcements, polls, and way way more.****

Getting Support

When it comes to needing help, there are a few ways about doing it.

One way is member driven. This could be quicker at times, but it all depends. This text channel is #🙋┊needing_help where you can ask others for help and assist other members at the same time.

The other way is where you receive 100% staff-only replies. To get in contact, you will want to direct message our ModMail bot this will create a "thread" where you can communicate back and forth.

Related to Bots

We have many bots that you may come to love and enjoy. When you are using them, please use the associated channels.

Our LYHME bot, you can use inside in any of our dedicated server channels.

All other bots, you can use our #botusage channel.

Please be aware that the use of a self bot is not permitted under any kind of circumstances.

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