☎️ Decide on your comms platform for you you'll communicate with your School. Consider what works best for your area/age group and other demographics. In Bristol we set up a whatsapp group as not everyone was on facebook.

📈 Plan your Term of 6 routes aka 'the curriculum'. If you want some help planning routes let us know! Our founder El can either show you how or link you up with someone in your community who has good knowledge of the trails in your area.

📅 We ride on Tuesday evenings at 6.30pm. That leaves plenty of time over the week and weekend for anyone who wants to catch up and do their homework.

✅ Set up your sign up sheet. Here's an example

📢Tell the world! We will communicate your School via the School of Rocks Instagram and mail list.

📝 Ask people to sign up

🤓 Read our advice on leading a ride