<aside> 💡 As a $SOS token HODLer, voting is your responsibility!



Soft consensus voting are discord polls. Usually for issues that do not have branding or financial implications on the OpenDAO.

Hard consensus voting refers to voting with the $SOS tokens in your wallet. Go to https://snapshot.org/#/theopendao.eth and connect wallet and join the space.

Help! I cannot figure out this snapshot thing.

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How do I figure out this DAO stuff?


Projects are the one of best ways to contribute to OpenDAO.

If you want to start your own project for OpenDAO, please follow the proposal format.

If you are just starting out, joining an Alliance or an existing project is a good method of levelling up.

Types of Projects

<aside> 💪 Community initiatives are those that are free (to OpenDAO) and doesn’t require branding or funding doesn’t need to be voted on. Just do it!