Guidance for community-based navigators seeking to help hard-to-reach clients access the Advance Child Tax Credit (AdvCTC) or Economic Impact Payment (EIP or Stimulus).

This page provides training materials and resources for community organizations and volunteers. If you need to file a simplified return to claim the Child Tax Credit or stimulus payments, go to and click "File your simplified return." If you need assistance, click "Chat with us."

Millions of families are eligible for thousands of dollars in Child Tax Credit and stimulus payments from the IRS, but won’t receive them because they haven’t recently filed taxes, or their information on file with the IRS is out of date. You can help these families by becoming a Navigator.

Navigators don’t have to be tax experts. Navigators are trusted, community-based guides that help marginalized families utilize IRS tools, and understand and complete the process of filing their taxes.

As a Navigator, you’ll help families:

1. Getting Started

Basic Orientation

To get started as a Navigator:

Key Additional Resources

Here are few more core resources you may find yourself referencing frequently when helping families. Take a quick look before you get started so you know what’s here. It’s ok if you can’t memorize everything, as long as you know where to find the information later.