After creating an account with NovoChat, you'll be prompted to create a workspace, followed by connecting your communication channels. In this case, we'll go through how to integrate your WhatsApp account into NovoChat.

How to Integrate Your WhatsApp Number to NovoChat

  1. Go to 'Channels' > Navigate to 'WhatsApp' > Click 'Edit

  2. You'll see a QR Code in next window as shown below.

  3. Scan the QR code (either using a regular WhatsApp account or WhatsApp Business)

    Please take note that you can't have any other connections to WhatsApp Web or Desktop. Make sure you have already logged out from WhatsApp on all other devices for the connection to work.

  4. Once the scan is successful, you'll get a device status notification on your phone.

  5. Do a quick test by sending a message from NovoChat's inbox to your registered phone number in the channel.

  6. The message should go through to WhatsApp. Test it again by replying the message. If it is successful, your message should appear in NovoChat's inbox.